Welcome to the Holiday Tournaments section of the GMC Hoops web site. For the past several years, GMC Hoops has been tracking holiday tournaments much like it has the Freshmen, JV, and Varsity GMC Tournaments through bracketmaker.com. This season, we've put together a brand new section strictly devoted to the various Christmas Tournaments that all 30 schools from the Greater Middlesex Conference are participating in.

There is also a prediction feature in bracketmaker that has been enabled so if you'd like to predict who will win these tournaments, go right ahead. Click on any one of the links below to view a particular holiday tournament. Note: The bugs have been fixed in bracketmaker, however schedules are subject to change. Please check with your AD, coach, or teammates for the actual start times of games. If you don't see your tournament listed on here, please e-mail us at gmachos@gmchoops.com.


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If you have any questions about, or any suggestions for this website, please feel free to either fill out our guestbook, or contact me at gmachos@gmchoops.com.