Welcome to the GMC Hoops Past Greater Middlesex Conference Tournament Final FourSection of the website.  This contains the past member schools that have reached the Greater Middlesex Conference Tournament Elite Eight in Boys Basketball from the inaugural season of GMC Hoops in 2000-01 up and through the present. 


Year Champion Runner-Up Semifinalist Semifinalist Quarterfinalist Quarterfinalist Quarterfinalist Quarterfinalist
2001 Colonia St. Joseph's Carteret East Brunswick South Brunswick New Brunswick Piscataway Middlesex
2002 Carteret Colonia South Brunswick New Brunswick Piscataway Sayreville Highland Park Old Bridge
2003 Cardinal McCarrick St. Joseph's New Brunswick South Plainfield Perth Amboy Old Bridge Sayreville Colonia
2004 South Plainfield Colonia Cardinal McCarrick St. Joseph's New Brunswick Piscataway J.P. Stevens Sayreville
2005 South Plainfield St. Joseph's Colonia South Brunswick Cardinal McCarrick New Brunswick Piscataway Old Bridge
2006 Colonia Metuchen St. Joseph's Monroe South Brunswick New Brunswick East Brunswick Old Bridge
2007 Piscataway Cardinal McCarrick South Brunswick South Plainfield Colonia East Brunswick Bishop Ahr Old Bridge
2008 Cardinal McCarrick St. Joseph's Piscataway Colonia J.P. Stevens Bishop Ahr Carteret South Amboy
2009 Piscataway St. Joseph's Cardinal McCarrick Monroe Colonia Bishop Ahr Sayreville J.P. Stevens
2010 St. Joseph's Monroe Spotswood Sayreville East Brunswick New Brunswick Cardinal McCarrick North Brunswick
2011 St. Joseph's Piscataway Bishop Ahr Cardinal McCarrick East Brunswick Perth Amboy South Brunswick J.F. Kennedy
2012 St. Joseph's North Brunswick East Brunswick South Brunswick Cardinal McCarrick Monroe New Brunswick Piscataway
2013 St. Joseph's East Brunswick North Brunswick Woodbridge Carteret Spotswood Sayreville Old Bridge
2014 St. Joseph's East Brunswick Sayreville North Brunswick Colonia Spotswood Woodbridge South Amboy
2015 Colonia St. Joseph's Perth Amboy East Brunswick South Brunswick Carteret Woodbridge Sayreville
2016 St. Joseph's South Brunswick Woodbridge East Brunswick Colonia Sayreville Old Bridge Spotswood


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